Soar to new heights on social media !

Engage your community on Instagram and TikTok with breathtaking aerial footage. We Are Pilots helps you aim high!

Aerial videos for social media

We are different at We Are Pilots (WAP to close friends). Our agency creates video and photo content for social media using drone pilots completely familiar with Instagram and TikTok, and the result is much more creative posts.


Instagram video reels and TikTok videos have a higher engagement rates than traditional posts. Originality and creativity are key. WAP videos complement your feed and boost engagement with your community.


On social media, portrait images are the norm. Vertical images are the best on TikTok and Instagram. Shots are captured to make the most of this format.


The mantra of each of our pilots is to keep images short, intense, dynamic, and captivating. Our viewers’ attention span is not what it was. With a huge increase in the quantity of images we are bombarded with all day, brevity is vital.


Regular posting is decisive to maintain your position on social media and to have an impact your audience. Every time we film, we produce enough videos to feed your social media for several weeks or several months.



There are several types of drones for a variety of needs. We select the pilot most capable of doing the job, after clearly defining your requirements and objectives.

Here is an outline of the different types of shots possible

Stabilised drone

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Stabilised drone

With stabilised drones, filming is smooth and fluid at high or low altitudes. They are suitable for tourism, real estate, and event sectors, and much more besides!

FPV drone

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FPV drone

The FPV drone is the Formula One of aerial shots. With the FPV you get very dynamic shots, most of the time at low altitude, and it requires extremely precise piloting.

Indoor drone / Cinewhoop

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Indoor drone / Cinewhoop

Cinewhoop is an FPV drone with fairing designed to fly safely indoors. Useful for touring a castle, a house for sale, or even clothing factories.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography

Do not forget photos! With the right altitude and the right angle, aerial photography also adds variety and originality to your project !

Notre méthode de travail






Projects and productions

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Professional videos within everyone’s reach

WAP caters to a wide audience, covering many sectors and requirements. Obvious applications can be found in the tourist industry or in real estate. We also propose less frequent ones, such as flying over staff working on machines in a clothes factory to illustrate their expertise.

We have already produced videos for:


“We Are Pilots produced drone-filmed content in our hotels to engage people on our Accor Design Instagram account. Their top-quality productions are both immersive and innovative. As for the team, they are professional, engaged and offer good advice.”

Ouassila Sadadou

Head of Communication
Global Design at Accor
” We Are Pilots does incredible work for it clients. The team is very friendly, responsive and always ready to go the extra mile to provide breathtaking productions. Extremely happy! “

Christophe Leroy

Yuri & Neil
“Completely independently, the agency provided the Bali Viceroy with a pack of immersive and creative videos that brought real originality to our Instagram feed.”

Patrick Farrell

Director of Sales & Marketing
Viceroy Bali


The three founders of We Are Pilots share the same love of flying. Eric and Julien are friends and have always been serial entrepreneurs. One works on content, the other on digital marketing. They met Gaspard in 2022 on a project. The friends formed an instant bond with the talented drone pilot. WAP was born.


Julien is from a family of pilots. His grandfather was an airline pilot instructor and member of the renowned St-Yan Patrouille (acrobatic air force team), his father was an acrobatic flight instructor, as was his uncle. Although, surprisingly, he did not follow this path, he grew up among aeroplanes, playing for days in airfield hangars.
So the aviation world is deep part of him, and although life led him by chance down the professional path of digital communication on social media, once again Julien felt the ethereal pull of his roots. In 2022, he went back to school to pass the French DGAC remote pilot qualification. A way of closing the circle and soaring to new heights with the creation of WeArePilots!


From childhood, Eric has loved anything that flies, and despite being barely tall enough to reach the pedals, was already piloting a glider, followed by an aeroplane. Among the youngest pilots of his generation in France, he devoted all his free time to these aircraft, where he liked hiding beneath their wings. And nothing counted more than the hours he spent in the company of birds, with his head and body in the sky… After studying the exciting world of commercial aviation and some unexpected flights, Eric followed another elevating path, becoming a wordsmith and working in publishing. He swapped his cockpit for a paraglider, knowing full well that in life, and under favourable skies, he would return one day to the love of his life. Time would prove him right with the creation of WeArePilots!


Gaspard has loved photo and video for many years and has become one of the most talented drone pilots in France through his travels and his projects.

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